Residential Concrete Contractors: Backyard Projects They Can Help With

Residential Concrete Contractors

Residential Concrete Contractors: Backyard Projects They Can Help With

Homeowners are reporting spending more and more time outside in their backyards.

These areas have become crucial aspects of a home and sanctuaries from the regular daily activities. 

Since these spaces are getting more use, homeowners are also choosing to invest their time and effort into making them the best they can be.

There are a lot of backyard projects you can tackle on your own but hiring residential concrete contractors can take everything to the next level. 

With this kind of help, you’ll be able to completely transform the space into somewhere everyone wants to be!

Here are eight backyard ideas a concrete expert can add to your space! 

1. Outdoor Dining Space

A great way to enhance your backyard design is to add an outdoor dining space.

This makes the outdoors feel like a larger extension of the indoor space and gives you more usable space on your property. 

Your concrete contractor can add a cement pad that gives you dining furniture, grill, and other outdoor kitchen fixtures a designated space.

It will feel intentional and like a luxury to have an additional, finished place to serve your meals.

This is an especially good idea when you enjoy entertaining large groups. 

All your meals will feel more special when spent in this new space. 

2. Interesting Walkways

If you’ve lived in your home for any amount of time, it’s likely that you have specific pathways that you walk every day in your backyard.

With the help of licensed concrete contractors, you can make those walkways permanent and more attractive!

Instead of dead grass and plants in the way, you can choose an interesting design or material to lay the path with. 

It’s an easy way to turn something you use every day into a design element and really take the whole backyard up a notch.

Not to mention how much safer these areas will be for everyone walking on them. 

3. Extended Patios

Most homes come with a small concrete patio in the backyard, but it generally isn’t enough space to do much with.

One of the more common backyard projects is to extend that concrete patio to make it a really usable area. 

This is a project that can be completely customized to the needs of your family and the space.

It could stay a rectangle, wrap around a corner, or be a completely unique shape.

Almost every backyard could benefit from a larger patio with a little more breathing room and space to do what you’d like. 

4. Fire Pit

There’s really nothing like spending a summer’s evening around a fire, making s’mores, and telling stories.

It makes you feel like you’re camping while still having all the convenience and luxury of your home. 

A permanent fire pit is a great way to make that tradition much easier to pull off on a regular basis. 

With a concrete fire pit and surrounding sitting area, you won’t have to worry about setting everything up every time.

The added safety features are a great benefit as well! 

5. Permanent Planters

A key to a really luxurious feeling backyard is to fill it with lush, vibrant plants.

You can make this much easier on yourself by having your residential contractors add in some permanent planters.

This is a great way to integrate both your plants and other backyard elements together for one cohesive feeling, instead of disjointed and thrown together.

These kinds of additions will also make your plants look and feel more special.

They’ll be a design feature instead of just another part of the outdoors. 

6. Pool Exterior 

The ultimate fun backyard always includes a pool that helps you enjoy those long, hot summer days.

And the concrete surrounding that pool doesn’t have to be boring and basic.

This is a great, often overlooked, opportunity to add some personality to your backyard space. 

Even simply turning the concrete squares on a diagonal for a more diamond look will completely transform the look.

It’ll feel like you’re at a high-end pool instead of just in your own backyard. 

These professionals will also make sure the concrete is poured so the whole thing is as safe as possible, so you can just relax! 

7. Additional Structure Foundation 

Sometimes what you really need in your backyard is another structure entirely.

Whether that be a full guest house, a shed, or a pavilion, you’re going to need a solid foundation for it to stand on. 

The only way to make these additions permanent and help them to withstand the test of time is to start with a concrete foundation. 

This way no matter what the weather is like where you live, they’ll be anchored to the ground and solid in place.

You can work with your professional concrete team to come up with the best plan for your custom design. 

8. Sports Courts 

When the goal of your backyard is to create a space where your family wants to be outdoors and active, adding a sports court is a great way to achieve just that! 

This type of concrete slab could be used for basketball, pickleball, tennis, and so many other fun activities.

It could even be the perfect place for riding a bike or scooter.

The key is determining what would most likely be played there and making it the right size for that choice. 

Hire Residential Concrete Contractor for These Backyard Projects

When you’re spending so much time and money to transform a space, you want the end result to completely reflect your initial plans.

That’s why it’s so important to hire a great residential concrete contractor!

They’ll help you make sure everything is done correctly and in a way that will last for years to come!

Every time you’re in your backyard enjoying your new oasis, you’ll be glad you went the professional route and got things done right.

It’s the best way to make your house your dream home. If you’re interested in discussing a possible project and the details, contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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