Backyard Design Company Shares Shade Solutions for Hot Arizona Summers

Backyard Design Company Shares Shade Solutions

Backyard Design Company Shares Shade Solutions for Hot Arizona Summers

It’s so hot in Arizona that there is now an official Heat Awareness Week to teach residents about heat awareness and safety. 

If you live in Arizona, you know how hot it can get!

It’s important to have a shady place to relax when the heat is at an all-time high like it can be during the summer months.

Not sure how to incorporate shade into your backyard design?

No problem! We here at Desert Dream Co are a professional backyard design company and we’re here to give you some great shade solutions. 

We’re passionate about helping you turn your yard into the dream one you have always wanted.

From block wall repair service to backyard landscape design ideas, we’re committed to making sure you’re happy with your outdoor spaces.

Read on for our best backyard design ideas to create some shade in your yard!

1. Sail Shades

If you’re looking for a cheap, easy way to keep cool without having to undergo any backyard construction, a sail shade is the right choice for you. 

The good news about sail shades is that they are super versatile.

You can attach them to just about anything, including trees, posts, and your home. 

You can also buy more than one and overlap them to create some serious shade or a bigger shaded area.

You can take them with you when you go camping or anywhere you will want to sit in the shade. 

The potential downside is that they may not be a permanent shade solution after some time.

Natural wear and tear over time may cause breakage and you may have to buy new sun sail shades. 

2. Trees and Landscape

Nothing provides shade quite like mother nature! 

If you love the idea of relaxing underneath a shady tree, you should consider some natural landscape backyard designs to provide your shade. 

All backyard designers know that trees and plants are the ultimate shade givers and they are a gift that continues to give, even after many years have passed.

Install some trees in your yard or even a wall of trees along one side of your yard to give shade and some privacy. 

Keep in mind that this is a long-term shade solution. If you install small, young trees, it may be years before you can enjoy shade underneath them.

You will also be responsible for watering and keeping your trees, plants, and bushes healthy! 

3. Umbrellas

There are two things all sun-lovers must own: sunscreen and umbrellas!

Umbrellas are the ultimate backyard accessory because they are so versatile, easy to assemble, and easy to move.

Umbrellas come in just about every color and design you can imagine, so no matter how you decorate your yard there will be an umbrella that matches it.

You can even buy special decorative umbrellas that are as effective as they are beautiful, like tiki umbrellas. 

Treat yourself and buy a comfortable lawn chair to place under your umbrella for ultimate relaxation. You can also set up a side table next to your chair for drinks and food.

The possibilities with umbrellas are endless!

4. Retractable Awning 

Retractable awnings are the perfect source of shade for those who like to change their mind! 

These awnings will attach to the side of your home or mobile home and, as the name indicates, the shade can be pulled out for use and easily retract when you’re done using it. 

These shades are convenient when the weather changes on you suddenly or when guests drop by unexpectedly and you find yourself entertaining at the last minute. 

They are a semi-permanent shade solution as they will last for years until wear and tear may force you to install a new one. 

5. Pergola

Freestanding pergolas with shades are not only a great way to get under some shade, but they will also look beautiful in your backyard. 

You can choose to put your pergola anywhere in your yard, but it will look best as part of your entertaining area. 

You can create a whole space for relaxing and entertaining under your pergola by adding furniture, decor, and perhaps even some potted plants. 

You can set up an outdoor couch and cushions so multiple people can relax together, or one person can stretch out across it.

Adding a coffee table will make it easier to place drinks and food down as well. 

Pergolas offer plenty of beams and space to hang plants from to create a more tranquil look and feel.

You can also place your pergola against a wall of shrubbery or near your garden to give yourself and your guests a lovely view or extra shade. 

You can get even more creative by hanging white or colored string lights around the beams for the ultimate nighttime decor. 

Pergolas are a semi-permanent shade solution.

You can use it for as long as it lasts, but if you change your mind someday or want to move it to a different location, you have the freedom to do that as well. 

6. Gazebo 

Gazebos are the perfect combination of shade, chic design, and comfort when it comes to backyard installations. 

The best news is that you can go all-out and install a wooden gazebo that is permanent or you can buy a metal gazebo that you can take down at the end of summer if you wish to. 

Whichever kind of gazebo you buy, it will no doubt provide you with the total shade you seek! 

You can decorate your gazebo with potted plants or place it near your garden or bushes. You can, and should, place comfortable chairs and sofas in your gazebo for you to relax on. 

You can also turn it into an alfresco dining area by placing a table and chair underneath it so you can enjoy a meal in fresh air any time of the day. 

Start Your New Backyard Design

Shade should always be part of your backyard design if you live around Pheonix, Arizona, and now you have some great ideas of how to create that shade! 

At Desert Dreamco we are one of the backyard design companies that will work to make sure you’re fully satisfied with your yard design. 

Start designing your dream yard, complete with shade, today, and contact us for your free quote

The weather is heating up quickly! If you are looking to incorporate shade into your backyard design, contact az landscape design experts at Desert Dreamco and work with a 5-star, family-owned business. Give us a call at (623) 226-0192 or schedule a free design consultation online.

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