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Retaining wall Construction Costs What to Expect in AZ January 24, 2023

Retaining Wall Construction Costs: What to Expect

Americans were spending almost $525 billion on home improvement projects between 2017 and 2019. This trend did not appear to be slowing down in the more recent years, as so many people remained inside, and thus started new home improvement projects. One popular project to improve the exterior of the home

Hiring Expert Retaining Wall Builders vs DIY in AZ January 10, 2023

Hiring Expert Retaining Wall Builders vs. DIY

Homeowners spent around $15,000 in 2021 on home improvements and repairs. While investing in a retaining wall project may not seem as glamorous as, say, adding hardwood flooring, the investment can protect your foundation and prevent unwanted expenses down the road.   If you are looking to build or repair a retaining

Block Fence Repair FAQs December 13, 2022

Block Fence Repair: Top 7 Frequently Asked Questions

If you live in Phoenix or anywhere in Arizona, the odds are good you’ve got a block fence on your property. Sturdy design, resistance to sun damage, and affordable cost make block fences one of the most popular fences in Arizona. Still, sometimes the unexpected happens. For example, premature wear

Block types Cinder Cement Concrete November 22, 2022

Cinder, Cement, and Concrete Block: What’s the Difference?

Did you know that block walls are some of the most common forms of fences in Phoenix, and they are here to stay! When you are planning a construction project, it’s not uncommon for people to ask about the building materials and more specifically what kind of block is being

phoenix concrete installers August 11, 2021

Concrete Installation Services in Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise, Goodyear & Beyond

If you are installing a walkway, driveway, or patio, you want to use the best materials that will stand up to extreme Phoenix weather and handle daily wear and tear effortlessly. Many Phoenix homeowners favor concrete for these projects given its strength and durability. Whether you need to repair your

paver installation services phoenix August 10, 2021

Paver Design & Installation Services in Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise & Beyond

One great thing about living in the Phoenix area is the ability to enjoy your outdoor spaces all year long. Whether you would like to create a walkway to your pool, a beautiful patio for entertaining, or even a driveway design, paver stones can provide an attractive, durable, and affordable

hardscape designers installers in phoenix August 10, 2021

Licensed Hardscape Construction in Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise & Beyond

Living in the Phoenix area means you can enjoy the outdoors all year long. If you are a homeowner, you have probably wondered how to make the most of your living space so that it looks well-manicured and fits your lifestyle. Incorporating hardscaping elements, along with other landscaping, can help

block retaining wall contractors phoenix August 10, 2021

#1 Block Retaining Perimeter Wall Contractors in Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise & Beyond

Retention and perimeter walls and fences serve a variety of purposes for Phoenix homeowners. These stone or concrete walls provide privacy and safety and can also add charm and uniqueness to the property. At Desert Dreamco, our experienced retention wall contractors and stone masons work with you to create attractive