The Role of Perimeter Wall Construction in Home Insurance

The Role of Perimeter Wall Construction in Home Insurance

Although the rates differ based on state, some people are paying upwards of $300 a month for their home insurance.

What if we told you that there is a way to lower that rate?

Luckily, there is! And you can benefit from this, too!

One way to benefit is with perimeter wall construction.

There are many benefits of perimeter walls and how they affect your insurance premium rates.

Do you want to know the correlation between the two?

Then keep reading this guide to learn more about the role of perimeter wall construction in home insurance.

Potentially Lower Rates

One benefit of perimeter wall construction in home insurance is that you may possibly get lower rates.

This is because insurance providers love to see when you are doing something that can keep you safe.

For instance, adding an alarm system would be another way that you could potentially lower your rates.

However, in this case, installing a perimeter wall will show them that you are taking steps against break-ins and theft.

This means a better insurance rate for you!

Better Deductible

If your fence ever were to get damaged, you could submit that claim to the insurance company.

You will then likely be subject to your policy deductible.

Although you will need to pay out of pocket at first, you will be covered once you met that deductible. 

Enhanced Privacy 

When you have more privacy in your home, burglars, and thieves are less likely to try to break in.

This is because when a home is harder to see into, it’s not as easy to break and enter.

An insurance company knows that.

With enhanced privacy, your home has more security and is more comfortable for you. 

This heightened security could lower your rates.

Increased Liability Protection 

When an insurance company sees that your property has perimeter wall construction, they can directly correlate this with increased liability protection on your property.

This also means that as an insurance company, they will have less to worry about as well.

A solid perimeter wall will help prevent people from entering your property and potentially getting injured.

If this were to happen, you would be liable for the injuries and have to pay.

So having this fence actually helps protect you from this liability.

Because of the increase in liability protection, there is less of a likelihood of something bad happening on your property, so insurance premiums could go down.

The Role of Perimeter Wall Construction in Home Insurance

There are a lot of benefits of perimeter wall construction when it comes to home insurance.

Reduced premiums, more privacy, and increased liability protection are just several of the many reasons that a perimeter wall can help you with your home insurance premiums. 

If you are ready to benefit from wall construction, you can get a quote from Desert Dreamco today.

Lower your insurance rates and increase security with a perimeter wall construction. Desert Dreamco’s block wall experts can help you with block wall installation and block wall fence repair in Phoenix that will save you money and add value to your home. Call  (623) 226-0192 or schedule a free consultation online.

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