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At Desert Dreamco, our experienced retention wall contractors and block wall masons work to create attractive exterior block walls that are safe, sturdy, affordable, and add value to your property. We build retaining walls for new homes and can repair or remove and replace existing perimeter walls.

Block Wall Construction and Repair

As a Phoenix homeowner, you understand the need to have a block wall surrounding your property. In fact, many Phoenix building codes and zoning regulations require them. These functional walls provide safety and privacy and help prevent erosion, mudslides, and the spread of fires.

But exterior retaining and privacy walls can be so much more than functional. They can be beautiful extensions of your home, adding character to your outdoor spaces.

Perimeter walls can be constructed using stone or concrete blocks. You can select the perfect shape, colors, and textures to complement your property. Whether you like the look of rustic hand-cut stone or the fresh look of concrete and stucco, we’ve got what you are looking for!