6 Reasons To Call for Block Wall Repair Service

Reasons to Call for Block Wall Repair Service

6 Reasons To Call for Block Wall Repair Service

Cement blocks seemingly last forever.

When you’re looking for the longest-lasting buildings, you typically find block buildings and walls.

So it only makes sense that you’d expect a block wall to last forever.

But nothing lasts forever, not even a block wall.

How do you know when it’s time for block wall repair?

Here are the signs that it’s time to call a professional block wall company. 

1. Bulging Walls

Masonry block walls under the pressure of the water around them will begin to bulge over time.

Heavy rain or overwatering that saturates the ground will create heavy, wet earth that weakens walls. 

The problem isn’t even the masonry wall.

After all, even concrete has a limit.

If your home or building has a shallow slope, you will have water seeping into your basement and ultimately causing bulging walls. 

You will need to slope the area outside your home and contact an expert in concrete block wall repair. 

2. Diagonal Cracks

If you see a diagonal crack, you need to begin the search for a block wall repair near me.

Diagonal cracks can appear in blocks, concrete foundation walls, brick foundations, chimneys, and interior drywall. 

When a wall cracks diagonally, the building has most likely moved vertically or has settled in an unbalanced way.

Frost heaves can cause problems with the foundation that ultimately leads to a diagonal crack. 

When your diagonal cracks occur near the foundation corners, you most likely live in a cold climate.

Water and frost together can lift a building’s foundation and cause diagonal cracks. 

3. Vertical Cracks

Vertical cracks occur commonly in block foundation walls because of the expansion and shrinking.

Such cracks do not often occur in the materials. 

The National Concrete Masonry Association describes the cause of the cracks as shrinkage.

They qualify the shrinkage into three categories: 

  1. Dry shrinkage
  2. Temperature-fluctuation shrinkage
  3. Carbonation shrinkage

If you see such cracks, it’s time to bring in a block wall repair service.

Such a service can identify why you have the cracks you have. They will also know how to remedy them. 

4. Horizontal Cracks

While vertical cracks may look threatening, they’re not as dangerous as horizontal cracks. 

If you see a horizontal crack, your building has a higher chance of collapsing.

Additionally, if the history of the building tells you the crack is old, then you do not have to act quite as urgently. 

You won’t know if your horizontal crack is a serious problem or not until you call in a block wall expert.

Do so immediately after you discover the horizontal crack. 

Horizontal cracks typically stem from excessive water pressure outside the foundation.

Soil movement can also cause cracks and compromise the integrity of your foundation. 

If you have a horizontal crack in your foundation slab, call a repairman immediately.

Cracks in combination with bulging are a serious problem and require immediate attention. 

5. Compacted Bricks

Compacted bricks occur when there’s excessive water pressure, and water is attempting to get through the wall.

A compacted brick looks like an uneven wall of bricks. Different bricks will appear as they pop out of the wall at random spots. 

The wall itself will also look bowed. It may crack along the mortar as well. One compacted brick leads to another, compromising the entire wall. 

Skilled block wall repair services will know how to fix a wall of compacted bricks.

They will look for the source of the problem, fix it, and then fix your brick wall. 

They may have to replace the affected brick.

They will also likely recommend that you have your foundation underpinned by push piers, giving your foundation more support. 

6. Car Accidents

If your home or business backs up to a major road, there is a higher likelihood that an accident involving a vehicle and your parameter wall could happen.

Sadly, this is pretty common at certain intersections, but it can also be a random “out of the blue” occurance.

This type of block wall situation is a little different than the others mentioned above because it’s unexpected whereas the other issues mentioned often happen over time.

In addition, your privacy is often immediately impacted if a portion of your wall has been knocked down, leaving a hole, that could possibly be a security concern.

Because this is an urgent matter that needs attention quickly, it’s important to reach out for help as soon as possible and share the height and width of the affected area.

You may also need to get insurance companies involved, so be sure to discuss that with the block fence contractor you’re looking to hire to help you with this project.

Look For the Source

While a block wall expert will repair your wall and restore it to its original condition, you should look for the source of the problem.

The cracked walls indicate a much bigger problem. 

If you can find the source first, then you can deal with it and not have to worry about a cracked foundation or wall again. 

Often cracked walls stem from moisture beneath or behind the surface of the building.

You can deal with this moisture in a few different ways. 

Many basements have drain tile that helps keep the basement dry and redirects moisture away from the basement.

A basement expert will help you know if drain tile is the best option for you. 

Or you may need a landscaper.

A poor slope outside your home will prevent water from draining away from your house naturally.

So when rain falls, it fills up gutters and flows over directly into your foundation. 

This excess of water causes saturated ground and a bulging foundation. 

If you can find the source of your problem, you can treat it even before the wall experts get there.  

Professional Block Wall Repair

When you find cracks in your foundation, call a block wall repair specialist.

If you notice stains on the blocks or uneven bricks, bring in the expert. 

Your walls and basement will tell you when to call in a block wall repair service. 

Do you have these telltale signs on your wall?

If so, contact us. Our masonry repair crew can take care of your wall quickly and even help you find the source of your problem. 

This way you can hope for a dry, safe basement and structurally sound building. Give us a call today and let us look at your wall. 

Are you noticing cracks, settling, stains, or other signs of a problem in your block walls? Contact a trusted block wall repair company near me to diagnose and fix the problem. Desert Dreamco is a 5-star, family-owned business with years of experience helping Arizona homeowners with landscape construction services. Call  (623) 226-0192 or schedule a free consultation online.

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