7 Ways to Improve Your Residential Landscape Design

Residential Landscape Design Improvement

7 Ways to Improve Your Residential Landscape Design

Tasteful residential landscape designs can add up to a 10 percent value to your home according to HGTV. I

f you are looking to sell your home or want to make it nicer, you need to find a residential landscape designer.

Your outdoor space is as important for your home as your indoor space if not more so.

Spending time outside on your property is good for your mind and body. Your best way to enjoy your outdoor space is to make it beautiful.

You also don’t want your outdoor space to look like everyone else’s.

Finding unique ways to beautify your property and make it more functional should be your end goal.

Here are seven ways to do that.

1. Acclimatize Residential Landscape Designs

If you live in a desert environment you need to think about some ways to make your lawn and garden use less water.

Things like synthetic grass can be a great substitute for a water-hungry lawn.

Here are some ways to design your residential landscape based on your climate.

Doing so improves your yard and saves the planet.

Xeriscape Residential Landscape Design

If you live in the desert using “xeriscape landscaping” is a great way to save water and help your yard thrive.

In short, it means incorporating indigenous vegetation such as cacti and shrubs instead of water-intensive plants.

You can use gravel, sand, or dirt as the understory for your lawn as well instead of grass.

The more indigenous your desert flora is the better it will do in your yard.

Residential Landscape Design for Seasonal Climates

If you live in a place that has all four seasons, or a grueling winter, you need to incorporate this into your design.

You may want to consider using more perennial plants that die each winter and re-grow each spring.

Incorporate some evergreens as well if this is suitable for your climate.

Avoid things like palm trees or plants that have a tough time in the winter.

These plants will only use up valuable water from your property.

Residential Landscape Design for Areas Prone to Flooding

If your home is subject to heavy rainstorms for part of the year, you need to design your landscape appropriately.

This means focusing on water drainage, having resilient plants, and taking other measures.

Make sure that any design features that you create such as retaining walls aren’t subject to collapse once the rainy season begins.

Be aware of any low-lying areas where water could pool as well.

Residential Landscape Design for Fire-Prone Areas

Much of the desert southwest is subject to intense wildfires during part of the year.

Designing your home’s landscape to be fire-proof should be one of your primary priorities. 

Make sure to have some defensible space around your home.

You should also eliminate ladder fuels or excessively brushy areas to keep your home safe from the threat of wildfire.

2. Focus on Tree Care

The trees on your property are some of the defining pieces of your residential landscape design.

You need to make sure that they are well maintained to keep them healthy.

Healthy trees are less likely to cause damage during storms.

Your tree care routine should focus on trimming, pruning, and examining trees for health issues.

Cut all dead limbs or trees to prevent them from being dangerous.

If you prune your trees they will grow more evenly and with vigor.

3. Create Some Unique Features

Some fun features will set your lawn apart from the neighbors.

Use your creative inspiration to determine what sorts of unique features are best for your outdoor spaces.

Try working with existing natural elements such as streams or hills to create your features.

Things such as waterfalls or a well-placed cairn can do wonders for your yard’s ambiance.

4. Focus on Landscape Architecture

Understanding the basics of residential landscape architecture design can help you narrow down a theme for your yard.

Are you going for a more colonial-esque outdoor space? If so, use plenty of pillars and basic colors.

What about a more modern-art approach?

For this, you may want to incorporate some avant-garde statues or things of this nature.

By choosing an architectural theme you can shape your outdoor space better.

5. Try to Establish Biodiversity

A biodiverse outdoor environment is a healthy and resilient outdoor environment.

If you notice plants and animals in your yard, try to understand how they are connected.

Sometimes by putting in ponds, trees, or other vegetation you can attract biodiversity to your outdoor space.

If you want your yard to be full of life try viewing it as an ecosystem to be put into balance.

6. Sometimes Less Is More

You can go overboard with trying to maintain your outdoor space.

Sometimes a more simple design factoring in a few tasteful elements is better than a complicated landscape design.

Utilize the principles of minimalism and Feng shui to get the most from your outdoor space.

That way the area around your house won’t seem cluttered.

Make sure to keep some space for activities as well.

7. Don’t Be Afraid of Stonework

Some tasteful stone features can make your yard seem refined and elegant to the passerby.

Things such as stone walls, walkways, patios, and outbuildings can increase the allure of your outdoor space.

Most stonework isn’t cheap, but it can often be functional if you use it to construct retaining walls.

Many stone features can increase the value of your home as well.

Incorporate stone wherever it makes sense for your vision.

Craft an Elegant Outdoor Space

Your home’s yard says a lot about you as a homeowner and how you value your space.

It is the first thing neighbors and potential buyers will see when appraising your home.

Use these seven residential landscape design tips when crafting your outdoor space.

If you need a professional touch to get the job done, contact us today.

We can handle all of your residential landscape design needs.

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