Hardscape Design Ideas for Small Backyards in Arizona

Hardscape Design Ideas Small Backyards Arizona

Hardscape Design Ideas for Small Backyards in Arizona

If you’ve never heard the word Hardscaping before, that’s okay.

It’s more popular in arid climates, like ours, where the classic landscape elements are harder to maintain.

Hardscaping includes built structures, stone walls, walkways, structural accents, and water features. 

Landscaping is anything “softer,” like shrubs, plants, flowers, etc.

When you’re deciding how to create your outdoor ambiance, you want a mix of both softscaping & hardscape design ideas.

You may be feeling like you don’t have a lot of options in the desert – but that’s not true! You can make a beautiful outdoor space, even if you have a small backyard.

The options are as endless as your creativity. Here are some hardscape design ideas to inspire you!

A Patio

The great thing about building a patio is that there are no size requirements other than what you have to work with.

Unlike a pool, you can make a patio to fit as small as space as you’d like.

Many homeowners these days are looking to build patios from the same (or similar) material as the outside of their house.

This design choice makes a patio addition flow with the space and look like it came with the home.

But that’s not the only option. We have access to almost any stone option or concrete color you can imagine.

A Firepit

While things get hot fast during the day here, nights are chilly. What’s better than a nice firepit to expand the hours you can enjoy your outdoor space?

Imagine sitting with your family around the fire, roasting smores and looking at the stars.

Fire pits are some of the best hardscaping options for small backyards, as they can be integrated into existing structures or built custom.

If you’re not comfortable with an open fire pit, there are electric fireplaces made for the outdoors with enclosed flames.

Our designers specialize in hardscaping and will design your firepit to be as safe as possible, respecting both environmental and design-based practices.

Tell Alexa to add chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows to your shopping list.

Water Feature

If you don’t have room for a pool but want some sort of water in your backyard to add an oasis to your desert, we can do that too.

Water features include anything from ponds with fish to fountains.

Since water evaporates so quickly here, we recommend small water features – but we’ll build anything you want.

We also install irrigation systems to keep whatever desert plants you have happy.

Are you a gardener? We can help keep those plants alive.

If you’re new to the area, our experts can help explain the best irrigation practices for Arizona living.

Outdoor Kitchen

While we’re not indoor kitchen experts, we can help build retaining walls and pour concrete slabs for outdoor kitchens.

Many homeowners these days are looking for a place they can grill and entertain at the same time, especially here, where it never rains.

An outdoor kitchen will increase the time you spend outside and the price of your home if you decide to sell.

Plus, we can build a structure over this outdoor space to ensure the only thing that gets hot is your grill.

If you already have a grill spot you like but it needs some sprucing up, we can install the perfect pavers in and around to make your grill more of a feature than an afterthought.

A Putting Green

There’s no reason your backyard can’t have a putting green in it if you want.

We can work with you to design or even a few different holes if you’re really a golf enthusiast.

Be careful, though. Your house may become the go-to party house if you do.

If you just want some green in your backyard that’s easy to maintain, we can install synthetic grass across the whole expanse.

Many Arizona homeowners have gotten tired of maintaining real grass, and want something more sustainable so they have shifted to synthetic.

We can make it look more realistic than you think!

Custom Yard and Patio Design

If you’ve read through all these ideas and still don’t know what’s best for your space, that’s okay.

We have expert designers on staff with both education and experience in outdoor space design.

Our experts can work with you on hardscaping, softscaping, and anything in between.

We even provide free quotes – so there’s no harm in trying.

If you’d like a consultation, we’ll schedule a time to meet at your home, so we can do the consultation onsite.

We’ll ask about your goals and needs, then go to our drawing board.

We will provide design ideas along with cost estimates. 

You don’t pay anything until you decide to work with us, and your opinion will be the deciding factor in all of our designs.

Other Services

Not only do we do everything above, but we also provide tree removal, stump removal, and onsite consultations.

If you’re inquiring about a property, you plan to rent out. We do commercial and AirBNB cleaning too!

We aim to be your one-stop shop for your Arizona property needs. 

Hardscape Design Ideas for Your Arizona Property

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide on hardscaping, what it is, and the services we offer.

If any of these hardscape design ideas inspired you, we’d love to give you a free consultation.

Whether you’re thinking about patios, pavers, or retaining walls – we’re up for the job. Contact us here.

Are you looking for licensed hardscape designers in Peoria AZ? Contact the experts at Desert Dreamco to help you develop your outdoor space!  Work with a 5-star, family-owned business when you call  (623) 226-0192 or schedule a free design consultation online.

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