Block Fence Repair: Top 7 Frequently Asked Questions

Block Fence Repair FAQs

Block Fence Repair: Top 7 Frequently Asked Questions

If you live in Phoenix or anywhere in Arizona, the odds are good you’ve got a block fence on your property.

Sturdy design, resistance to sun damage, and affordable cost make block fences one of the most popular fences in Arizona.

Still, sometimes the unexpected happens. For example, premature wear and tear, accidents, or weathering can cause damage to your block fence.

If this is the case, it’s worth knowing about the top block fence repair questions homeowners ask.

Learn how to take care of your block fence and repair damages. Here are the most frequently asked questions about block fence repair and their answers!

1. How Long Will My Block Fence Last?

When homeowners unfamiliar with valley architecture see a block wall installed for the first time, they may be curious as to why.

Especially new Arizona residents who may be used to midwestern customs of having no fences or wooden fences at best.

However, when witnessing a cement wall being installed in your yard, common sense indicates that this sturdy structure is here to stay.

With the help of experienced contractors, a quality block fence should last for the entire life of the home and even up to 100 years!

Because of this potentially long lifespan, it’s essential to make regular fence repair efforts. 

Regular block fence repair work when needed will ensure your fence reaches its full potential of sturdy life.

2. What Causes Stair Cracks?

The mortar between cement blocks is strong but not as strong as the cement itself.

Because of this, when a crack occurs, it usually migrates along the mortar, resulting in a stair-step pattern along the perimeter of the blocks.

This is the path of least resistance and usually happens as a block wall settles.

However, without an expert eye, it can be hard to determine if this type of crack is happening because of settling or heaving.  While there are some things you can do to fix cracks yourself,

your best option for this block fence repair is to call a professional.

They will be able to assess which direction the pressure originates from so that proper maintenance can be made.

3. What Causes Pyramid Cracks?

Pyramid cracks are simply two stair-step cracks that meet at the top, forming a pyramid shape beneath them. These often occur beneath windows.

Any quality block fence repair guide will tell you that these cracks in block fences happen because of the subsidence of the ground beneath the pyramid. Unfortunately, this can be tricky to repair on your own.

Things like sinkholes or other in-ground issues could be the culprit.

Unfortunately, simply slapping on some mortar to fill in the cracks won’t be a long-term solution.

4. Should I Attempt Repairs Myself?

In today’s age of DIY and Youtube, many homeowners pride themselves on their ability to fix things. While this is a valuable pursuit, attempting a block fence repair can be more hassle than help.

If done improperly, doing block wall repairs on your own can cost you way more in the long run. Often, the cause of cracking or damage to your fence is due to underlying issues in the ground or faulty construction. 

Having an expert eye look at your damage means you get an accurate diagnosis of the cause.

A professional will have the equipment and experience necessary to make complete repairs, so your wall doesn’t face continuing problems down the line.

Many homeowners attempt to fix the aesthetic symptoms of deeper issues while remaining unaware of more severe problems hiding.

Even if you recognize the root of the damage, renting or purchasing the necessary tools and equipment is another burden.

In short, letting a professional manage your block fence repair will save you time and money. You can enjoy an on-site consultation and an estimate of the costs for the repairs before they ever get started.

5. How Often Are Repairs Needed?

Besides the long lifespan, one of the biggest perks of building a block fence is its durability.

Serious or frequent repairs are far less likely with a concrete masonry unit (CMU) block fence than a wood or chain-link fence. 

One of the best ways to protect against damage to your fence is to hire a great contractor to install it.

Because the majority of problems with block fences originate underground from pressure, water, or settling, making sure the ground was properly inspected, and the wall was installed correctly, to begin with, will prevent the vast majority of needed fixes down the line.

One other important question to consider when asking, “how often are block wall repairs needed” is, how close is your property is to any main roads?

One of the more common, block fence repairs needed is due to a vehicle losing control and hitting the fence. The fact is, unfortunately, some fences are more likely to need repairs due to their proximity to busy roads.

6. How Much Does Block Fence Repair Cost?

One of the most common questions when facing fixes is how much repairs will cost, but it’s one of the most challenging to answer outright.

This is because the cost will vary depending on the type and degree of repairs needed.

Without an on-site assessment, contractors cannot give a truly accurate estimate.

Anyone who claims to be able to offer estimates based on homeowner descriptions of a problem is either not being completely honest or does not have the experience required to understand the required effort.

Fortunately, it is quick and easy to have a professional do an on-site consultation and give you a fair and accurate estimate of your personal repair needs.

7. How Do I Find Block Fence Repair Experts?

Choosing the right contractor to complete your fence repair doesn’t need to be stressful.

If you’re seeking a new contractor from the one who originally installed your fence, seek out genuine customer reviews for the contractor you are considering.

When it comes to block fencing, time will tell if the work was done well, but previous customers can give you real-time insights into the quality and reliability of the work a contractor has to offer.

Get Your Fence Repaired Today

If you need block fence repair, the sooner you get help, the better. Cracks and damage, if left unaddressed, can literally grow into more significant problems costing you time and money.

When repairing your cement fence, act quickly and get expert help. Contact us today for a free quote or to schedule an on-site consultation. 

Are you looking for a block wall contractors near me? Contact Desert Dreamco, a 5-star, BBB, family-owned business with experience helping Arizona homeowners with block walls and hardscape construction services. Call  (623) 226-0192 or schedule a free consultation online.

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