Retaining Wall Construction Costs: What to Expect

Retaining wall Construction Costs What to Expect in AZ

Retaining Wall Construction Costs: What to Expect

Americans were spending almost $525 billion on home improvement projects between 2017 and 2019.

This trend did not appear to be slowing down in the more recent years, as so many people remained inside, and thus started new home improvement projects.

One popular project to improve the exterior of the home was the building of retaining walls to hold up an area of land. So, how much would this construction project cost someone like you if you wanted one yourself?

Below we list some of the factors people planning this sort of construction have to make and how they affect the overall cost.

Keep reading to learn more about retaining wall construction costs for your upcoming project you may be taking on.

Average Price

Retaining wall construction can vary greatly so an average price will depend on the scope of the project and materials.

There are some other factors that may come into play as well, more on that below.

Technically, it could range from $500 and $14,000 to hire a professional to help you set up a strong wall in the greater Phoenix area.

What Will Affect the Price

Many factors can affect the price of a retaining wall. Some of the most prominent are the following:

Retaining Wall Materials

There are many different materials you could choose to use for a retaining wall. If you go with a simple wooden wall, you might expect to pay less than if you use brick or concrete. Although wood is more prone to warping or rot over time.

Some examples of the materials you could choose to use include:

  • Brick
  • Cinder blocks
  • Gabion cages
  • Poured concrete
  • Natural rock or stone
  • Metal
  • Wood

You can also choose to use a mixture of these materials, such as a brick veneer with a gabion wall behind it. Each of these will have its own costs associated with it.

Soil Composition

If you have clay soil you need to retain, you can expect to need to pay more for a sturdier wall. This is because sodden clay can become very heavy as it takes in so much water.

While Phoenix might not have much water through the summer months, we can get some heavy downpours in the winter and we also have monsoons in the late summer that bring a lot of rain. Your wall will need to withstand such punishment.

Retaining Wall Design

You will need to take into account any extra features for your wall. For example, if you want to install steps, there will be additional cost for the extra materials for this feature and to update the design to allow for it.

If you need a slope, lights, or other features, each will add to the cost.

Retaining Wall Length

The length of the wall will determine how much material will be needed to complete the project.

If your home is on a larger piece of land or if you’re a commercial property that requires a much longer wall, this will have a direct impact on cost.

The larger the project, the more materials needed, the more costly the project.

Hiring a Retailing Wall Construction Service vs. DIY

Of course, learning how to install your own retaining wall can seem enticing, there can be unforeseen challenges. Can you trust your own skills in building a serious construction project like this?

Nine times out of ten, it is in your interest to contact a professional instead.

Reduce Your Retaining Wall Construction Costs

As you plan your retaining wall project, we hope this information helped you better understand the costs involved with retaining wall construction.

If you are looking for help planning and constructing a retaining wall on your residential or commercial property, you can always let us know.

Our Phoenix-based, licensed construction experts can talk you through your plans, discuss your budget, and give you a hand where you need it.

All you need to do is give us a call and we can get started creating a quote for your specific project.

Retaining walls can add privacy and value to your property. If you are searching for retaining wall contractors in Phoenix consider Desert Dreamco. Our expert retaining wall builders can help you with an affordable, attractive retaining wall that you will enjoy for years to come. Call  (623) 226-0192 or schedule a free consultation online.

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