Retaining Walls for Landscaping and Gardening

Retaining Walls for Landscaping and Gardening Tips

Retaining Walls for Landscaping and Gardening

Around 55% of US households have a garden, with the main purpose being to grow food and have a beautiful space. 

However, managing your garden does not come without challenges, which is why you should consider retaining walls. 

Many garden ideas come and go; however, several ideas stay around for the long haul, including retaining walls for landscaping.

If you want to learn more about retaining walls and whether they are suitable for your garden space, read on.

What Are Retaining Walls?

A retaining wall is a structure to hold or retain the soil behind it.

It holds back soil and water in spaces that, otherwise, the soil would not naturally keep to.

As retaining walls are built on hills, they receive pressure horizontally, which is one of the main differences from other types of walls.

Retaining Wall Materials 

You can use various materials for retaining walls, which helps them honor your other landscaping ideas.

And with people gardening more than ever, you can have peace of mind that your retaining walls will be consistent with your overall landscaping design.

Materials include concrete, stone, and wood. 

Why Get Retaining Walls 

There are many different benefits of retaining walls.

They are one of the best landscape ideas to make slopes functional in your garden, improving walking and ensuring soil or water doesn’t flow, ruining other parts of your garden.

They are the perfect way to manage soil erosion and provide flood control, as you can also integrate channels or pipes for water flow.

Another benefit of retaining walls is their aesthetic.

They can completely transform your garden space or fit your current design if you use a professional service.

Retaining Wall Landscaping Ideas

There are many different landscape ideas for retaining walls.

Some design ideas to elevate your landscape include:

  • Concrete walls with flower beds
  • Rock retaining walls or natural stones
  • Steps or sunken patio as part of the wall
  • Accessories such as fire pits 
  • Timber retaining walls
  • Modern poured concrete 

If you want a modern aesthetic, you can use poured concrete and create white walls for a Mediterranean beach space.

You can then add landscaping, such as palm trees and succulents.

Rock or natural stone retaining walls are popular because they are durable and provide easy drainage.

Timber is also cost-effective but will need replacing sooner than other retaining wood materials.

Retaining walls also offer more functional purposes, such as entranceways to homes and patios.

You can add flower beds and accessories such as fire pits to enhance your garden further. 

Retaining Walls for Landscaping

Retaining walls are not only practical but can enhance your landscape design.

If you think retaining walls are for you, then it is time to call a professional service to begin discussing landscaping ideas.

Desert Dreamco can make your dream retaining walls a reality.

Our Phoenix-based, licensed construction experts can discuss everything you need to know about retaining walls for landscaping. 

We are happy to answer any questions about budgeting, design plans, and construction. Contact us today to get started. 

Retaining walls can be attractive and functional, all while adding value to your property. As top retaining wall contractors in Peoria, AZ, Desert Dreamco can help you with an affordable, attractive retaining wall that you will enjoy for years to come. Call  (623) 226-0192 or schedule a free consultation online.

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